Myrrh Resin Natural

Myrrh Resin

Commiphora molmol

AKA: Karan, Mirra Balsom, Odendron


Medicinal Myrrh:

Alterative ~ Analgesic ~ Astringent ~ Antiseptic

Approved by Germanys Commission E for inflammations of mouth & throat.


It is also used for digestion, diarrhea, open wounds, candida and overactive thyroid.


It is an immunity system booster, increases circulation and is good for traumatic injuries that cause bruising.


Recent research in China shows good results for lowering blood cholesterol, arthritis type swellings and as a preventative for heart disease.


Ritual Myyrh:

Sun ~ Water ~ Isis ~ Adonis ~ Ra

Emotions ~ Purification ~ Knowledge


Burned as incense to cool hot tempers and to bring harmony to any emotional situation.


Amplifies any endeavor but especially helpful for students who wish to retain detailed information.


Sacred objects may be passed through the smoke to cleanse, protect and sanctify them.


Great for healers who use crystals or wands that actually touch another person.

  • Botanical: Commiphora molmol
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Powder is Medicinal Grade
Myrrh Resin Natural
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