Sage & Sweetgrass

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Gift Certificate White Sage Large Bundle
Black Sage BundleGift CertificateWhite Sage Large Bundle

Clears Negativity,

Removes Psychic Parasites

 Great way to show your appreciation.

8 to 10" Long




Yerba Santa Bundle Cedar & White Sage Blend
Yerba Santa BundleCedar & White Sage BlendDalmation Sage

Large Bundle


 Sweat Lodges

Rubbing Sage




Grey Sage Small Bundle
Grey Sage Small BundleSweetgrass BraidWhite Sage Loose Leaf Bulk

 Helps to remove heavy dark energies with it's refreshing lite odor. 


 Most commonly used sage for cleansing of negative energy.





White Sage Medium Bundle White Sage Regular Bundle White Sage Small Bundle
White Sage Medium BundleWhite Sage Regular BundleWhite Sage Small Bundle

4-1/2" to 6" long

6" to 7" long

3" to 4" Long




Wild Sage
Wild Sage

 Prosperity & Abundance


1 - 13 of 13 items