Yerba Santa Bundle

Ritual Yerba Santa:

Consecrations ~ Spiritual Blessings ~ Inner Beauty


“Holy Herb”, known for the healing power exhibited from its cleansing herbal smoke.

Yerba Santa, creates an uplifting scent; ideal to protect and purify both the self and the environment.

Traditionally used to neutralize harmful energy, enhance psychic abilities and offer spiritual strength.

Excellent for meditation, divination, to support healing ceremonies and as an altar offering.

 Burned as incense or consumed as a tea this herb restores inner harmony and dispels fears of being unwanted or unloved.

 It may be used to give thanks for spiritual gifts as well as sanctify a room or objects.

  • Botanical: Eriodictyon californicus
  • Grow Method: Wildcrafted
  • Form: Bundle
Yerba Santa Bundle
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