About Us

Kimberli White Otter & Eric Trout Rummler are the founders of Otter & Trout Trading Co.

We started out as a mobile business selling at Native American Powwows, art shows & various festivals.  At that time we we had a very small 10'x10' booth filled with carvings & crafts & a few ceremonial herbs.  In a few short years the booth had gone thru a number of changes always increasing in size. 

The demand for Otter's knowledge of herbs & her desire and ability to help people find wellness created a need for more herbs & less art & craft work.  We started with a few ceremonial herbs like Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar's & Resins but the peoples desire for the traditional healing herbs started us on a hunt to find wildcrafters who would be willing to gather them.  So we began with about 20 or 25 herbs that quickly grew to 40 & then grew again & again.

Our booth changed from a 10x10 to a 10x12 to a 12x16 to a 16x16 to a 16x18 to a 18x20 and finally to a 20x30 (600sq ft which is bigger than our house)!  By the time 2008 rolled around Trout was tired of doing shows and the cost of being a mobile store had risen over 6 times.  That's when we opened the brick & mortar store in Gainesville FL.

We have had a web site since 2001 and this year (2014) have done extensive upgrades to make the site easier to use.

That's our history and our present goal is to continue serving the community both locally & globally with the best products & service possible. 

As far as the future goes we will just have to wait and see.